Terms and conditions RESIDENCE Il Lago

Head. I – The parties to the contract

1.1. Accommodation services provided by “RESIDENCE Il Lago” are provided by S.C. JO GLOBAL S.R.L., with headquarters in Cluj County, street Dunarii nr 20B bl. C, registered at O.R.C. Under no. J12 / 2890/2006, having C.U.I. RO 18978926, with working point in Cluj-Napoca, Dunarii str. 20 B, bl. C, Cluj County;

1.2. Therefore, the provider of accommodation services is S.C. JO GLOBAL S.R.L., with headquarters in Cluj County, street Dunarii nr 20B bl. C, registered at O.R.C. Under no. J12 / 2890/2006, having C.U.I. RO 18978926, and the customer is the natural or legal person, who directly or through a legal representative / representative orders the service provided by the supplier;

1.3. For the validity of the customer’s request and the offer of the supplier, the required natural person is required to have full exercise capacity and the legal person has the full capacity to contract the services provided by the supplier;
Head. II – Conclusion of the contract, reservation, changes of reservation, renunciation of the reservation and obligations regarding the notifications;

2.1. At the request of the offer, delivered by the client, verbally or in writing, the supplier will send an offer. If, within 24 hours of sending the offer, the supplier does not receive the firm order from the client, the validity of the offer issued by the supplier ceases;

2.2. The contract between the customer and the supplier is born by the written confirmation, issued by the supplier, following acceptance of the latter’s offer by the customer;

2.3.The contract between the customer and the supplier regarding the use of the accommodation services is limited in time, strictly to the period covered by the written confirmation issued by the supplier;

2.4. The supplier may condition the validity of the confirmation of his / her offer, of payment of an advance of the confirmed services, up to 50% of the total value of the confirmed services;

2.5. If the client renounces the accommodation services already confirmed by the provider, the provisions of Chapter I apply. III – Cancellation and Disclaimer;

2.6. In order to prolong the use of the accommodation services offered by the supplier, at the customer’s request, the supplier’s prior approval is required. In this case, the client must pay immediately and in full the value of the services he received in advance, until the date of the request for extension;

2.7. A written agreement signed by both Contracting Parties is required to amend / supplement the contract between the customer and the supplier;
Head. III – Terms of Cancellation, cancellation of reservation and termination of the contract

3.1. For the accommodation services already confirmed by the provider and to which the customer renounces, after the issuance of the confirmation, the provider may charge the following penalties: – if the renunciation occurs less than 24 hours before the day of arrival, the customer / agency / company owes 100% of the value of the 1 day charge; – if the waiver occurs at least 7 calendar days before the scheduled arrival date, the customer does not owe the supplier any penalty;

3.2. If the client has not paid the advance requested by the confirmation issued by the provider, by 48 hours before the date of arrival and does not guarantee the reservation by credit card or otherwise, the supplier’s obligation to provide the confirmed accommodation service ceases. The advance is considered to have been paid if the advance amount credits the provider’s bank account at least 48 hours before the day of arrival;

3.3. Cancellations can be made in writing, not later than 7 days prior to the scheduled arrival date; 3.4. The supplier may unilaterally denounce the contract whenever he / she finds that the customer:

– does not use the locative unit in accordance with its purpose;

– degrade furniture or equipment of any kind;

– the displayed attitude disturbs other clients;

– violates the norms that protect good morals, order and public silence;

Head. IV – Tariffs, tariffs and billing

4.1. Tariffs for the services provided by the provider are displayed both in the accommodation units and on the supplier’s website, and can be distinguished according to the period of booking or depending on the duration of the reservation. Tariffs can be determined in RON or in EURO;
4.2. Payment of the services provided is made by the client on the basis of the invoice issued by the provider, in cash or with the card, in RON, in the case of resident persons or in RON or EURO for non-residents;
4.3. Issuance of the invoice for the services provided: it can only be done at the time of accommodation, based on the payment made by the customer. Afterwards, the invoice is no longer issued and no other changes are made to the billing data.
4.4. In the case of anticipated payment of the equivalent of the provided accommodation services, the payment can be made by bank transfer, in the account RO21BRDE130SV34217301300, opened at BRD, Cluj Agency, the invoice being issued in this case by the supplier after the payment of the sum representing the value of the services accommodation;

Head. V – Pets access, pets charged

5.1. The provider, in principle, accepts access to small and medium sized residential units in the dwelling units, but the client has the obligation, when requesting the offer, to specify his intention to be accompanied by such a pet, and to indicate The type of animal and the size of the animal, and the supplier will submit in writing, as the case may be, the acceptance or refusal to receive the pet. 6.2. In the case of accepting pets, the supplier charges an additional 50 lei / day, which is paid for the final cleaning of the housing unit.
Head. VI – Final clauses

6.1. The supplier, under Law no. 677/2001 is a personal data controller and has the obligation to keep the confidentiality and the adequate protection of his / her personal data, declaring that these personal data are managed in accordance with the obligations imposed by law.

6.2. The provider also aims to provide site users with a secure online experience that does not adversely affect their personal lives. In this regard, the Provider makes all efforts to ensure the use of personal data only for the purposes envisaged by the Customer when contracting the services of the Supplier.